FREE Your Risk
Modeling & Data Preparation with Lumnion

Lumnion, AI-Driven End-to-end Insurance Pricing Platform now offers you to do your risk modeling and data preparation for totally free.

On top of GAM/GLM, all additional ML algorithms of GBM, Random Forest and Decision Trees are also available and free on our platform.  While using machine learning algortihms, you can also enjoy the use of Lumnion’s own methodology to make results of any of these black box algorithms transparent. Your data can be easily extracted from the system with just one click in the desired format, ready for analysis and modeling.

And yes, they are all for FREE now with Lumnion

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Certain Terms and Conditions Apply: The free version will have data size limitations.

End-to-end Platform
Lumnion automates data preparation for modeling, using ML extensively for more risk pricing, impact analysis and rate engine.
Use of all ML Algorithms
Lumnion supports XGBoost, Random Forest, Decision Tree, GLM and GAM for risk modeling.
Transparency in Machine Learning
Lumnion’s ML algorithm outcomes can be converted into base prices and coefficients for transparency.
Full Integration
with Core Systems
Lumnion works with Application Programming Interfaces (API) and cloud-enabled capabilities.
A 360 View of the Customer with External Data
Lumnion provides an opportunity to obtain a 360-degree view of the customer by combining internal and external data.
Use of External Data
Lumnion provides data consisting of statistically aggregated information from trusted sources.
Geographical Visualization
Lumnion’s simulation results are easy-to-understand graphs within geographical visualization.
Advisory Module
Lumnion’s improved AI-driven model boosts efficiency and accuracy to achieve better pricing.
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