Pricing Engine
Dynamic Pricing

Pricing Engine enables the instant changes in the prices with rules on Dolphin and reduce the time to market of new prices.

With a state-of-art server architecture, Pricing Engine can easily connect to core systems and undertakes the calculation burden of the core system, can schedule tariff’s air date, tracks all versions of the tariffs including for tariffs that are not live today.

With an easy API integration, Pricing Engine gets the quotation data from the core system and apply all the mathematical formulations with all written rules in microseconds.

How it works?
Tariff Deployment
Operational efficiency gain and reduction in time to market of new prices.
Tariff Scheduling
Ensures that the determined tariff is automatically made live on the desired date and time.
Access Control
Provides a product-based and easily controllable authorization system for pricing and tariff deployment.
Tariff Version Tracking
For each price quote, tariff versions are logged for further analysis or if there is a need for an addendum.
Exception Management
Opportunity to editing and addition of coefficients that will affect pricing.
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