Commercial Price Management Scenario Analysis

Discover Hidden Patterns with ML

Discover hidden patterns and identify new groups through ML and AI, allowing for easy commercial pricing decisions and implementation.

Instant Prices to The Market

Make pricing decisions and manage day-to-day pricing quickly and efficiently without additional tools.

Easy to Use

The model is easy to understand and easy to use for any user.

How it works?

Portfolio Analysis
Dolphin, through its embedded KPIs, can create multiple scenarios, analyses, and comparisons most effectively. It does not require lengthy processes or switching to external tools for analysis.
Built-in Rule Engine within Simulations
Quickly introduce simple or complex rules for tariff pricing. Rules can easily be created and maintained within Dolphin by multiple users for multiple scenarios. With one click and ordering, all the outputs are presented immediately.
Tariff Deployment from Other Tools
Dolphin allows for deploying and managing tariffs created using other tools and environments. Dolphin provides operational efficiency gains by reducing the “time-to-market” for price changes.
Automated Micro-Group Detection with ML and AI
Dolphin, with multiple advanced machine learning algorithms, can discover unseen and overlooked clusters in pricing and empower decision-making.
Visualization for Easy Decision Making
Dolphin has business intelligence capabilities that enable users to visualize simulation results in dashboards and graphs for easy decision-making. Geographical visualization is also available with its embedded mapping ability.

How we are different?

Easy and Fast Multiple Scenario Testing
Built-in Rule Engine within Simulations
Pricing Engine Allows Day-to-Day Price Management
Easy Tariff Import Created on Other Environments
Visualization for Easy Decision Making
Easy Integration into Core Systems
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