Automated Data Preparation and
Earned Premium Calculation

The easiest and fastest way of preparing data suitable for ML without any codes.

Create Modeling Data Easy and Fast

Just choose your analysis period, and you are ready. No more code, no more operational risk!

Period Based Calculations without Operational Risk

Get the most accurate numbers with just a few clicks.

More Complex CalculationsMade Simple
How it works?
Detailed Earned Premium Calculation
Bee calculates the earned premium in the most accurate way. Bee takes into account all of the premiums taken against the risk exposure based on each peril on a periodic basis.
Period Based Analysis
Bee enables taking snapshots of the data with a starting and ending date while dividing periods into quarterly, semiannually, and annually to increase the granularity of the data.
Peril Analysis and Grouping
Bee allows statistical analysis on claim types. Groups of claim types/perils can be created in a few clicks with the aid of statistical graphs.
Outlier Handling
Bee considers the outlier thresholds determined in line with the analyses. Outliers are identified separately for all claim files.
Dashboard & Data Analysis
Outputs can easily be n-way analyzed on the dashboard.
How we are different?
No Code Exposure Calculation
Detailed Earned Premium Calculation
Get Modeling/Analysis Data Ready in the Blink of An Eye
Easy to Use
Suitable for Period-Based Analysis
Clustering and Analyzing Claim Types Easily
Ready to Use Data on Any Other tools with One Click
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