Enriching Internal Data with External Data

Use of External Data

Provided data consist of statistically aggregated information from trusted and reliable sources.

Manage Segments

Enrich the data and divide into microsegments to manage more smartly.

Improved Models

Improved model predictions with the detection and use of external data that will be beneficial to the model.

How it works?

Precise Results
Octopus enables the detection and use of appropriate external data for the specific model. The historical data is enriched with external data during modeling, allowing for more precise modeling results.
GDPR Compliant Data
Octopus’ external data does not contain any personal data. Instead, it creates customer personas, thus preventing any conflicts with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
Personalized Pricing
Octopus allows companies to offer pricing at a more personalized level using aggregated statistical data. Statistics are available describing the risk or purchasing behavior of individual customers.
Customer segment detection is available for portfolio/campaign management with the help of external data.
Updated and Reliable Data Sources
Data is obtained from sources that are periodically and regularly updated; therefore, the data is always up to date. Lumnion continuously searches for new and reliable sources to improve the data quality.
360° View of The Customer
Octopus provides the opportunity to obtain a 360° view of the customer by combining internal and noninsurance external data.
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