Risk Pricing and Actuarial Modeling

Risk Calculation

Cheetah discovers hidden patterns and identifies new variable combinations to increase risk detection for insurance products.

Comprehensive Advice

Cheetah’s automated & manual variable grouping, factor & interaction advice, and comparative analysis with multi-algorithm features helps you make more informed decisions and improve modeling accuracy.

Easy to Model

Cheetah merges domain expertise with collective artificial intelligence to generate beyond human calculations.

How it works?

Machine Learning
Cheetah is a Risk Modeling Tool with multiple advanced machine learning algorithms for today’s challenging world. Cheetah discovers hidden patterns and enhances risk detection for insurance risk modeling.
Advisory Capabilities
With ML, Cheetah includes automated and manual variable grouping, factor and interaction advice, statistical results for all factors and models, model comparison modules, and automated reporting to enhance user experience when building complex risk models.
Sophisticated Actuarial Modeling
Supports GLM, GAM, XGBoost and other widely used machine learning algorithms for risk modeling.
Cheetah’s trademark distinctive AI technology and methodology enable insurance companies to effectively use their capabilities at maximum efficiency through automated (rather than manual) search and trial of all possibilities.
With its geographical visualization capability, Cheetah enables the user to make decisions and run analyses on the embedded maps.
Transparency for All ML Algorithms
Lumnion has developed its methodology to bring transparency into machine learning algorithms available in Cheetah. The results of all algorithms can be converted into base prices and coefficients, allowing for transparency and operational usability.

How we are different?

User Friendly Interfaces
Transparency for All ML Algorithms (conversion into base price and coefficients)
Availability of Comparative Analysis with Multiple Algorithms (GLM, GBMs, Random Forest, Decision Trees)
In built Reporting Module
Easy to Manage Licencing System, Eliminating Physical Dongles
Affordable Hi-Tech
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