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Unico Sigorta Builds Artificial Intelligence Based Pricing System with Lumnion


Unico Sigorta Builds Artificial Intelligence Based Pricing System with Lumnion

Unico Sigorta and Lumnion launched a collaboration to run Unico Sigorta's pricing process through Lumnion's artificial intelligence-driven platform.

Lumnion, an expert in the field of insurance pricing, especially in machine learning modeling, will support Unico, which offers an extraordinary insurance experience to its customers with its innovative products and services and provides accessibility, convenience, and solutions to its customers by positioning technology at the center of insurance and the services it offers, in the development of the pricing process through its artificial intelligence-based platform.

Cenk Tabakoğlu, CEO of Lumnion, said, "We are pleased to support the development of Unico Sigorta's pricing processes with our artificial intelligence-driven platform, an end-to-end platform that can connect to any core system, automating data preparation, using ML extensively for more precise risk pricing, impact analysis, and dynamic pricing. The pricing platform developed by Lumnion is the only platform in the entire industry that can perform modeling in an algorithm called GLM, which everyone is familiar with, and in all new advanced machine learning algorithms simultaneously. We also make the results of these different machine-learning algorithms transparent and available.

We continue our efforts with the awareness that we can increase insurance penetration in the sector by pricing the suitable risk at the right price. We know the importance of the digitalization processes of insurance companies in Turkey for the industry. Our main goal is to make machine learning, new technologies, and artificial intelligence available in the insurance industry. In line with this goal, we will work well with Unico Sigorta to develop the insurance sector.

Unico Sigorta General Manager Ender Güzeler said, "As Unico Sigorta, we put technology at the center of our business. We prioritize these investments primarily in personalizing products by understanding customer's needs, establishing a need-price balance, accelerating service processes, and strengthening our agencies in competition. Therefore, we are strengthening our muscles in Data Science and Analytics. We will have the opportunity to rapidly expand the in-house application of data analytics, machine, and artificial intelligence with the solutions offered by Lumnion.

As a company celebrating its 35th anniversary, we will continue this strong commitment to technology to achieve even greater success together in the future.

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