Lumnion hosted a panel on "Risk Pricing and Sustainability in Volatile Markets

Lumnion, an expert in the field ofinsurance pricing, especially in machine learning modeling, organized a panelon "Risk Pricing and Sustainability in Volatile Markets" on November23rd with the participation of leading names in the industry.

In today's economy that affects the wholeworld, the importance of accurate pricing as a result of accurate modeling ininsurance is increasing day by day. In addition, with the transformative effectof digitalization, business processes have been renewed to a great extent andrapidly. As a result, companies with newer technology in their pricingprocesses had the opportunity to differentiate themselves positivelycommercially in the sector. In addition to using big and effective data, it hasbecome crucial to make sense of this data and thus increase technicalprofitability by pricing risk more accurately. Lumnion's insurance pricingplatform provides exactly the support that insurance companies need at thisstage.

At the "Risk Pricing andSustainability in Volatile Markets" panel held on November 23rd with theparticipation of Okan Utkueri, Board Member of VHF Re, as Moderator, Genco Fas,Lecturer at Bilgi University, Arzu Akkaş, Co-Founder and CEO of Akalitas, Rolfvan Dawen, Member of Lumnion Advisory Board, and Aren Haddeler, Chief AnalyticsOfficer (CAO) at Lumnion, as speakers, The macro-economic situation and risks,the value Lumnion offers and how it prices risk in volatile markets, what thispicture means for the health and non-life insurance sector, the situation inEurope and especially in Germany were discussed. In addition, information wasshared about the training platform to be jointly developed by the Lumnion teamand Genco Fas, the details of which will be shared in the coming days.

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