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Mailo AG
Mailo AG and Lumnion worked together on a project to develop a tariff for a new product with no past data, and no experience in the segment for Tax Advisor’s Liability. During the project, Lumnion was able to create synthetic data replicating the pricing of the whole market, through data crawling and running ML Algorithms using Cheetah, a Lumnion’s AI-Powered Risk Calculation Tool. Cheetah helped us to determine which variables and coefficients are important for pricing. Finally, the resulting tariff was deployed to Dolphin, an AI-Powered Scenario Testing, Price Management and Optimization Tool which allowed for various scenario testing and impact analyzes.

During the whole Process mailo and Lumnion were in a regularly exchange to discuss the current results and model the tariff based on the risk appetite of mailo. Through the combination of Lumnion´s Tools and their knowledge we were able to create within short time a great Product.

We are delighted to work with Lumnion in this project and are looking forward for new projects.
Bupa Acıbadem
Bupa Acıbadem, specialized in health insurance, brings Bupa's global vision and experience to our country. Implementing innovations in the field of integrated health services is among our main priorities. As an important reflection of this, we focus on offering the best to our customers with innovative processes and systems with a focus of digital transformation and carrying our sector forward. We are very pleased to cooperate with Lumnion, an expert in the field, to implement a new generation pricing system supported by advanced technologies. We strongly believe that this artificial intelligence and machine learning-based system will strengthen our efforts to help our customers live longer, healthier, and happier lives.
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