Lumnion’s open platform allows the use of all widely accepted Machine Learning Algorithms including XgBoost, Random Forest, Decision Tree as well as GLM for risk modeling. We provide an end-to-end platform that takes care of data preparation, risk modeling, commercial optimization, and behavioral pricing.

In our platform, which is fully integrated to core systems and cloud enabled, we allow actuaries to model risk in all widely used algorithms and compare them side by side.

We allow actuaries to model risk in all ML algorithms
Our Vision
We want to change doing business for the better and revolutionize the insurance pricing process with the use of groundbreaking technologies in ML and AI.

Lumnion has developed its own methodology to make results of the black box machine learning algorithms transparent, so that they become operationally usable instantly even with the legacy core systems.

The results of any of the ML algorithms are made transparent, showing which variables to be used, their significance and possible interaction combinations, which allows actuaries to see into the results.

We make results of the black box machine learning algorithms transparent
Our Mission
To ensure that every insurance policy gets the correct pricing in the fastest way possible for its risk.
Better and Faster Decisions

Lumnion's advisory module improves model results and frees actuaries from operational work, boosting efficiency and accuracy.

Dynamic Pricing Solutions

Lumnion's Pricing Engine reduces IT dependency and streamlines commercial pricing decisions with its integrated Rule & Rating Engine.

360 View of The Customer

Lumnion's pricing platform offers a 360 view of the customer by leveraging external data, enabling personalized pricing optimization.

Experienced Team

Lumnion's team of experts from actuarial sciences, software development, modeling with ML Algorithms, and insurance industry.

Our Values
Shaping Strategy and Culture through Our Guiding Principles
Game Changer
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